Mikki Wear to Nigdi PMPML Bus Number

Hello friends if you are looking for travel between Nigdi to Mikki Wear also Mikki Wear to Nigdi Bus Stand PMPML then in this post you will get idea.

Nigdi Bus Stand to Mikki Wear PMPML Bus Number – 305B,305,363,368,374,341,305A,329.

Mikki Wear to Nigdi Bus Stand PMPML Bus Number – Catch 368 then 341/305, Catch 363 then 371/305, Catch 305B/305 then 363/368, Catch 341 then 363

निगडी बस स्टँड ते मिक्की वेअर PMPML बस क्रमांक – 305B,305,363,368,374,341,305A,329.

मिकी वेअर ते निगडी बस स्टँड PMPML बस क्रमांक – 368 नंतर 341/305, 363 नंतर 371/305, 305B/305 नंतर 363/368, 341 नंतर 363 पकडा

How to Go PMPML Nigdi Bus Stand ?

To go nigdi Bus stand You can use below map –

How to go PMPML Mikki Wear Bus Stand?

To go Mikki Wear You can use below map –

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